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Property Management

Axia Corporate Property brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to all areas of commercial property management in Perth.

Our team oriented approach ensures a close working relationship is maintained from management and leasing right through to sales, allowing Axia to deliver a coordinated approach to commercial property management which in turn, allows us to achieve benchmark results for you.

We believe that choosing the right commercial property manager to manage your property is integral to generating financial success. To ensure your commercial asset works hard to deliver a great return on your investment, our commercial property managers in Perth do more than just simply “take-care” of property. We apply a pro-active and hands on approach to all facets of the management of the asset, irrespective of its size or complexity.

Whilst we have a strong focus on managing office buildings, we also manage a wide range of commercial properties that range from retail through to industrial. In the pursuit of excellence, we utilise the latest management practises and systems with our ultimate success built around the overall knowledge and experience of our team.

For a specialist commercial property management service in Perth, contact Axia Corporate Property here.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of appointing a property manager?

If you appoint an Axia Property Manager, you’ll receive a monthly financial statement that will help you keep track of your investment, and will assist with the completion of your BAS and annual tax returns. They will also prepare an annual variable outgoings budget and perform an audit.

Using an Axia Property Manager ensures your property is subject to regular physical inspections to guarantee it remains in excellent condition. Having an Axia Property Manager also means you have an appointed tenant liaison. This is essential in the current market, and becomes especially important when re-negotiation of your lease is required. Your Axia Property Manager will also provide you with guidance and will develop a range of long and short term strategies to maximise your property investment.

Q: What happens when my commercial property requires maintenance or repairs?

With Axia, we will arrange for any repairs or maintenance on your property to be undertaken by reputable contractors, including emergency after hours repairs. We also take care to follow up, which means we ensure documentation such as photos and reports are submitted at the completion of any work.

Furthermore, we regularly arrange check quotes to ensure we’re receiving competitive pricing and using honest contractors. We will also handle any insurance claims for the property on our client’s behalf, and can ensure all repairs and maintenance requests are actioned within a 24 hour turn around.